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    I would wish for.... -more dynamic cops with better AI. Fore example if you crash into them by accident, the cop would get out of his car and try to give you a ticket not just ram you over and over again. -alot more missions other then you just being a taxi driver or erren boy. -alot of new cars, not old ones from vice city and gta3 -enhanced r3 missions for example im sick of doing the cop missions, getting up to like the 12th level and then another cop busts me. like WHAT im tryin to help you get the bad guys. -when you pick up a hooker it shold show something besides the 2 people sitting there and the car rockin back and forth -other people should swim -police should chase other cars like a pursuit, nothing like watching a good old fashion police chase pass by the intersection. -fire trucks should have hoses instead of a water cannon on the roof. -when tanks run over a car, it shouldn't blow up it just get smushed like a pancake. -if someone gets killed you should see them being put in a body bag when the crime scene unit comes and if someone gets knocked out the paramedics should take them in a strecher not just give them cpr. -parked cars should be locked therefor makin you either smash the window or picklock. It should take some time to hot wire the car also once you get in a parked car.