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  1. Hey im new here ! So take it easy on me (: Well recently I downloaded the retexture mod for GTA SA, of course it looks brilliant, but after looking around and finding GTA 4 cars I downloaded it. My question is, how can I add all the GTA 4 cars .img file to GTA Retextured .img file? The reason why Im asking this as I renamed the retextured .img file and then copy and pasted my GTA 4 Car .img file into the models folder. Went in game, and it was missing ALOT of textures, I can see the cars and them but the texture is just horrible, so I was wondering how to copy all the GTA 4 .dff & .txd into GTA Retextured .img? (IMG Tool 2.0 WOULD take too long, it doesnt have copy and paste then same file replace etc) ALSO, how do I create .img files? Thanks alot Newbie Philo ~