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  1. I'm sortof an artist, but I only draw on paper and I have no scanner. I also do photoshop edits on the computer, but thats not really art.

    EDIT: But the cool thing is, I never use references, only from either memory or pure creativity. References and tracing aren't really creative at all.

  2. 1. Where's the proof that he was alive when the ambulance came?

    2. He was a drug addict, that's what took his life, not some paramedic forgetting to turn him on his side. There was a much bigger picture.

    Every story I've read of his death says that he was either alive until he got into the ambulance or that he died in the hospital.

    And if that's true, diabetic people should be deprived of insulin because they are diabetic.

    That makes sense.

  3. I guess my favorite would be Yngwie Malmsteen.

    Yngwie's master:

    People say Yngwie was the first to do neo-classical, Roth was doing it in the '60s.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say, I didn't say that he died of an overdose, I just said that he had a drug addiction, meaning his death was his own fault.

    If he wasn't a druggie, he probably wouldn't of vomited. Don't go blaming shit on a paramedic..where's the proof that he was alive when the ambulance came?

    The paramedic should be the one saving his life, not letting him die because of some dumb reason.


    Uli Jon Roth (36 scalloped frets)


  4. I wear medium to tight (scene would be my limit, I'd never go emo or gay tight) mostly black based but colorful or coolly decorated. Some are blue and I have a few purple, too. A lot of band shirts, custom shirts and just shirts that look cool. NO RED BASES, live near a lot of scraps and I don't want to take any chances. Plus I just don't like the color. All my jackets/hoodies are either black or blue and one is black and purple. No sweaters, longsleeve shirts (I have a cool Trivium one but I don't wear it cause I hate longsleeve shirts.) Always crazy colored boxers. Crazy black double hook belt, white leather belt an a lot of other scene belts plus some skate belts. I'm super tall, so it's hard to find slimfit shirts that don't ride up at the waist, which really pisses me off. Always crazy cool looking (IMO) jeans. Right now I'm wearing some that from a side angle look black but from straight on look sort of silver so the contours look awesome. Low socks. Always Adio shoes (Super hard sole, best feel, good for running AND skating). Keys hang from belt loop. My hair is pretty curly but it was really awesome waves. If I comb it when it's wet then shake my head for like 5 minutes it turns into the best consistency.

  5. I just LOVE how everyone yells at everyone about how they are "blind" and "fed lies, brainwashed, following the herd" etc. etc. etc. Both sides of these types of arguments claim the other didn't get the facts, usually because of "hidden motives" and shit like that. But I must ask, why are you((the other side)) so informed? How do you know your information is so correct?

    Answer? You don't. Don't yell and scream about misinformation if you aren't even sure your information is correct((and neither of the sides can come on and say ANYTHING about how their sources are true. Everyone lies. Everyone twists reality. Everyone wants you to believe their right, regardless of the truth)).

    And that, my friends, is the definite truth.

    Watch CSPAN instead of CNN or FOX.

    Use quotes, reports and documents from the people themselves, directed towards other politicians or cabinet members. Don't use media biased op-eds, interviews or columns that could be 100 percent lies.

    No matter what side, left or right, links to CNN or Wikipedia are not proof at all.

    Hearing the words straight from the horses mouth is more like it.

  6. Not only is Obama not going to just take every troop out instantly, he just ordered 17,000 more into action.

    If you're not going to bother yourself w/ legitimate sources, kindly lurk.

    I actually don't know for sure if he has a plan for this specific surge, but I'd imagine he would. The previous present and the current president have very different motives in mind(Destroy the evildoers < Get our troops out), and that makes all the difference.

    In fact I wasn't even in favor of Obama being the democratic representative, but he is exponentially better than McCain-Palin.

    You like links so: Obama's plan

    Not a direct threat to the US. We hear enough bitching about Afghanistan & Iraq, do you really think we need more


    And Iraq and Afghanistan(I suppose you mean Taliban/Osama Binladen), the places US gave weapons to are the direct threats to US?

    Iraq had a genocide(Bosnia, Africa, Ukraine, must I go on?) and Afghanistan had Taliban, which is as much of a threat to us as an African nation. The only threat we ever had was with Al qaeda, which is an international group.

    I guess you could say Hezzbollah was a threat, but didn't we help Iraq create Hezzbollah?

    But to sum it up, I don't want another war, I just don't understand why if we are in Iraq and Afghanistan why we can't be there too? I'm trying to explain that we are not there for the reason many may think. Just like previous wars, the media's lies and propaganda will keep the people distrait while the government does what they are actually there for. But like those wars, we will learn the real truth a few years after the war is over. Perfectly planned out.

    Just for you: Iraq Timeline

    Another liberal smartass who picked up a bong instead of a newspaper. Let me introduce you to an obscure source

    you may not be aware of (82 separate stories. Their archive is only going back 5 years, but if you read through

    you'll get the idea)

    Another presumptuous cock who speaks of not what he knows.

    If you could, show me the part where it says "Hussein housed terrorists, aided Binladen (Hey, he's just like us), and then hid the terrorists(which I presume is not his country because insurgent=/=terrorist), and kept them hidden after he died."


    When is irrelevant, Hussein engaged in in genocide on his own people. Al-Anfal + al Qeada presence = BAD.

    'When' is not irrelevant. Who was in presidency at that time? WHAT! HIS DAD!? No wai.

    What is funny about this is that after Desert Storm, Bush senior made a decision to keep Hussein in Iraq to keep the balance between the Middle-eastern countries.

    And again, Al Anfal is not even close to the genocides of Bolsheviks in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, JNA in the Balkan region, the Turks and Kurds in Armenia, Syria and Greece, the Pakistanis in Bangladesh, Kampuchea in Cambodia and the list goes on and on. Plus, Al Anfal happened 21 years ago. Why suddenly go 15 years later with reason to find the WMDs, saying "We know where they are"?

    African genocides are going on right now. Isn't prevention better than justice? Justice doesn't bring back all of the dead people.

    And what did Bush know about the Al Qaedan presence and where did he get it from? What about his sources? I'll show you what I do know he got most of his sources from: PNAC (Each letter is a different link)

    And a site for every document, letter, website, and article of and from the PNAC: <3

    So much for "intelligence officials."

    I suggest watching the documentaries, "Hijacking Catastrophe" and "Outfoxed." And make sure you actually watch them, not just look them up and proclaim them "Liberal nonsense," or whatever you guys call things against the 2000-2008 government.

    Edit: Link problem.

  7. What lie? If you're talking about the weapons of mass destruction, we are talking about someone who deployed nerve

    gas on his own people, in itself a WMD. Between this & links to the 9/11 attacks (provided aid to Bin Laden & allowed

    him to train terrorists in Iraq) Bush acted in the best interest of the US based on the best intel we had at the time.

    Congrats to Saddam Hussein for hiding them & they may never be found.

    You probably also expected me to defend Bush on this one.

    Did you expect this from Obama, considering part of his campaign was getting our military out of foreign countries?

    (note this one is from CNN, the guys who loved to hate bush)


    Well Jesus Christ! You've solved it! I'm assuming you met the terrorists too, since you know so much about how Hussein trained terrorists in Iraq and how he linked to 9/11.

    It's an assumption.

    What is true is that the terrorists were from the Sunni group Al Qaeda, which is just as related to us as it is to Iraq.

    Sure he used mustard gas on his people back in 88 (wait, that was 20 years ago!), but so have many many other countries for many years, and I definately wouldn't call that a weapon of mass destruction, comparing it to the nuclear bombs we and Russia owned in the cold war.

    Look at the majority of Africa right now. Much much worse has been going on there than has ever happened in Iraq. Not only is there a genocide going on in a number of countries, but it also contains some of the poorest countries in the world. Why aren't we sending troops there? Oh, no oil. I get it.

    And Obama is not going to just take every troop out instantly, if he is going to take them all out he still needs a plan. It might be great and it might go completely wrong, but hopefully it will have a plan, unlike the Bush's surge. The difference between the surge of Bush and Obama's increase is that Obama has extraction in mind, while Bush had seek and destroy.

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