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  1. tilly

    Grand theft auto First person shooter?

    Uh fuck no. Let's not ruin another game, especially GTA.
  2. tilly

    How many bones have you broken?

    I broke my foot twice. So like 1000.
  3. tilly

    CJ Mom, Bigfoot, & Superman

    One month away from one year bump! Don't bump useless old topics.
  4. Lies. Mitsubishi are one of the worst kinds of ecstasy. Unless they gave it back with them in it intentionally.
  5. tilly

    Are YOU An Artist?

    I'm sortof an artist, but I only draw on paper and I have no scanner. I also do photoshop edits on the computer, but thats not really art. EDIT: But the cool thing is, I never use references, only from either memory or pure creativity. References and tracing aren't really creative at all.
  6. Would get really high on multiple drugs (only the ones that worked together) and trip balls.
  7. tilly

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    God banned me from life. I applied and am pending redemption.
  8. tilly

    6 y.o has higher IQ than Einstein.

    IQ test is just conceptual understanding, depending on age. This kids IQ could go straight down as he gets older.
  9. tilly

    Amazing Beatboxer

    Yeah, realtime would be more convincing. But either way, hes pretty good but not great.
  10. tilly


    On the wall of the massage therapy place I go to it has a sign that says: Therapist of theMonth Weird how the and month are so close.
  11. tilly

    Pirate Bay Trial

    What they should do is shut the fuck up. The people who torrent are (usually) people who cant buy the music. And for musicians that aren't already filthy rich don't have torrents of them.
  12. tilly

    LOL I GTA4'D!

    Older than the internets. He accidentally the whole pizza man.
  13. tilly

    Favorite Guitarists Thread

    So if you have type-2 diabetes you shouldn't be given insulin? I guess he doesn't like fat people.
  14. tilly

    Favorite Guitarists Thread

    I guess the mystery will never be solved. Michael Hedges Joesf Glaude