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    Skipton, Nth Yorks
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    Playin loadsa rugby for school and club on wednesdays, thursdays, saturdays n sundays. Playin games (like gta!) n generally goin out n meetin up with the laydeez.
  1. charlie boy

    What DVD's have you bought recently

    i got scarface on dvd lately its a legendary gangster movie all bout cuban druglords n stuff but if u no anything about the world u shud of alredy seen it!!!
  2. charlie boy

    Have Rockstar overdone it?

    yeh bout the countryside wot if u wanna jus randomly drive around havin fun then find out u hav 2 eat!!!!!itl probably tek ages 2 find the restaurant n eat ya meal, then drive back agen!!!!!
  3. charlie boy


    it wud b gud if they had a proper zoo sumwher n they had missions wher u hav 2 lik steal a tiger or summat n unleash it in a rival gangleaders house
  4. a news station on the radio wher the two presenter people always argue wiv each other. aslo if they take the mick outta each over n stuff lik that, that wud b gud cos insted o readin the news we can jus listen to them arguin!!