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  1. this mod as a new look to the cops you will need img tool 2.0 and replace the cop.txd cop.zip
  2. ive made a skin for the cops cop.zip
  3. download img tool 2.0 you van install col manualy
  4. hey peter you can use z moddeler this is where to download: http://www.zmodeler2.com/?mode=dl&ID=3 and the tutorial is at: http://www.etspe.ca/zmt/v1/ hope it helps
  5. i dont know but i have hks too
  6. just copy the d3d8.dll where the gta vice city application is
  7. download vice txd or txd workshop ethier one find the ped you want to change export the texture and the alpha and chaange them on paint
  8. hey guys do you no whats the best tool to create mods for gta vc i have xmodeler but thats a bit complicated
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