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  1. Happy New Year to all my family and friends. Hopefully you will all have a good New Year.XxxBlwyddyn Newydd dda I fy telu a frindiau. Gobeithio bydd chi'n gyd gael blwyddyn newydd dda.Xxx

  2. Katrina is getting frustrated at Sonic the Hedgehog because she keeps dying. Bless her. Natasha still got this cold wish it would go away

  3. Just want to wish all my family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. X

  4. Is only just awake and walking to work on Christmas Eve. I wonder if work will be dead or quite busy due to opening at midnight. Deffo after work il have to have a can of Rockstar

  5. Finished work today at 4:30 and then I gotta go back in at 3am so over 4 hours to go till then and change the whole cake layout for new cakes so good bye xmas stock, see you next year haha but do i go to sleep?On the other hand I hope Katrina and Natasha Marie will get better soon. Love you both loads xx

  6. im selling my xbox because i love my gf so much and im driving her mad comes with a bag of games and all the accsessories infact might give i away free and the new games ive got for xmas come with it :) dedicated bf i am

  7. Wooo I got a new 2nd cousin. Congrats to Mathew Mc Dowall and Sian Chapman. Hope your all doing okay :-) on the other hand I hope Katrina will feel.better soon, all of these infections is ridiculous especially in one go. Get well soon babes I love you soo much

  8. I.have a smelly big bum!!!My poor girl.katrina is so unwell dissyness septic tonsils swollen glands chest infection.pitty on her :-( hope ur better soon love you

  9. Has not long finished work and just demolished a kebab and back in work by 6 in the morning. Grabbing the extra hours as much as i can so i can get a decent wage in January :-D bring it on. Altho think were of to bed in a bit. Set alarm for 5.

  10. Looking back on some photos brings back alot of memories

  11. Jahmene to win X Factor!MMMM a cheese tostie before bed tonight, Katrina already in bed

  12. Has just got back from Cosmo in town with Katrina and her brother Callum :-) im stuffed lol now im chilling in work till my shift starts. And the managers watching Jeremy Kyle on the canteen tv going Jezza Jezza haha gotta laugh. Cant wait for home time tho

  13. Grand Theft Auto V Petition for PC Format http://t.co/BAv7QxnC

  14. Everyone will be happy with xFactor tonight, goodbye Rylan!

  15. I swear to god old people are blind. They always think Natasha is a boy, just told one person that she should of gone to Specsavers

  16. Grrr old people these days dont have the decentcy to say sorry do they. A mobility scooter crashes into tashas buggy because the old woman wasnt looking where she was going and then she said to shut that baby up just because tasha started crying and it was the old womans fault!! End of rant

  17. I knew straight away after FixFactor was gonna finish, Facebook would be full of statuses about Rylan. People say you ain't going to watch it again, but you will.

  18. ooo just demolished a 1/2 pounder cheese burger with chips and onion rings :P mmmm

  19. Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced!: http://t.co/MMGQoyaa

  20. Wooo. Natasha Marie has started crawling :-) proud daddy <3 muumy and daddy love you loads

  21. What a cold morning it is, Natasha Marie is in bed, nice for some :P while me and Katrina are downstairs watching Soccer AM and having Welsh Rare Bit :) yummy

  22. Is off to work in abit and Katrina is ready to go to the football to watch the mighty Swans. While Natasha Marie is going to spend the day with her nanna.

  23. Cant believe Natasha woke up screaming and wouldnt go back to sleep for about an hour. Poor girl, think she had a nightmare. Mammy and Daddy love you

  24. X Factor is deffo a fix.

  25. Tasha is one happy girly today, better than the last few days, because she's been a right grizzle guts lol. Aswell happy 1 yr and 9 months to my gorgeous fiance :) been a good time so far and hopefully for many more ♥ Loves you lots babygirl ♥ xx

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