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  1. Would like to know wether ive got a bug or food poisoning. Felt okay before going to work and now im feeling shit. Hopefully thatl be the last time i need to run to the bathroom....yet i said that 50 mins ago

  2. my baby girl no well screaming and being sick all day been in bed since 5 wish there was something i could do to make her feel better daddy loves you natasha marie :)

  3. Would like to wish my beautiful daughter a happy 7 months :) mammy and daddy are so proud of you Natasha Marie

    1. BlackListedB


      Future female gamer champion?

    2. MarkD1990


      I hope so :P altho her mam hopes she'll be a footy fan haha. Follow in daddies footsteps and be a gamer :P

  4. Anyone want to buy a pram from us? Natasha has grown out of it and its taking up room in the house. Pics in my for sale album. Inbox for details. Its a BebeCar make and its originally worth £600. But we will sell for alot less.

  5. Is in Carmarthen for the weekend and so far its been good and relaxing. Later we will be going to Wilkinson to see the old team :-) its been too long. And then off to Wetherspoons for Sunday lunch :-)

  6. Happy 49th birthday mam love you lots

  7. Has just had a lush Spaghetti Bolognese :) mmm but I am now stuffed. Thank you Katrina

  8. is chilling for abit, done first lot of washing and now on the second. Natasha has fallen asleep....bless her :) I love my little family

  9. Cant believe our little girl is 6 months old today. Time has flown by so fast. Mammy and Daddy love you very much

  10. is at home eating a 14" meaty pizza and nothing on TV, mmmm maybe a dvd to watch now

  11. Mmmm I'm ment to be making Katrina a christmas list, but dunno what I want for christmas. Any ideas, to get the list started?

  12. Mmm Thai Green curry tonight made by the lovely Katrina :-D I loves my little family, Katrina and Natasha Marie I love you both very much

  13. Cant believe me and Katrina forgot our 1 yr 8 month anniversary yesterday. So here it is tonight. Happy Anniversary Katrina love you sooo much xx

  14. It's such a beautiful day today, but shame I'll be missing a bit of it while I go to sleep, but hopefully i'll wake up later with Katrina and Natasha and go into the garden for awhile :) x

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