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  1. NY:RP International A GTA IV roleplay server Previously, there was GTA:SA roleplay made come true with SAMP and MTA... As of today, technology and imagination have evolved roleplay to the next level, in every sense. Get ready for your next role-play adventure in an unprecedented way of playing. NY:RP is the combination of the most ambitious script ever, the most routined, bright-headed and organized management and the most exciting way to live your second life. NY:RP International is an english modification of an original french server created 3 years ago. If you can't read this, the advertisement is available at https://docs.google....66HNGTGFYI/edit There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty. - Margaret Thatcher The Economy System You probably already played on a server and got a paycheck every hour. Have you ever wondered where your money was coming from? You probably already bought something to a local store. Have you ever wondered where your money was going? Our developers gathered all real life economy components and decided to put that on the table. When the server will first start, a certain amount of money will be injected into the State’s bank account. It will be the first and final time that the server itself creates money. Afterwards, they will redistribute to banks, governmental facilities and people. Everything you’ll buy will go to either someone or to a bank account, and everything you’ll receive will come either from someone or a bank account. The money will be in a continuous movement. What’s cool about that? No more commonly called statwhores, no more billions worth paychecks every hours. If someone’s very rich, then someone will have to be very poor - it goes in both directions. Paychecks will be given out every weeks - and all the money you get will come from an actual bank. You’ve probably seen, if you’re an actual role-player, people owning businesses all around the map, making a good load of cash due to them, but not even going over there. That won’t happen, because it is unrealistic. You will be able to own more than one business, that’s for sure, but you’ll be forced either to work at them all or hire a manager. If your business doesn’t get customers, or you lack to do all the paperwork, it will die. And as expressed before, it will be hard to financially have more than one running business. Graphical User Interface Unlike SA:MP, which limited the use of GUIs, IV:MP allows developers to create pretty amazing stuff. You’ll notice how magnificent it is just when you’ll get to the login prompt. There’ll be a time you want to eat and will go to a Cluckin Bell - Once again, we used GUI to present and make you pay your order in a realistic way. The script will also allow you to use an actual computer in, by example, a cyber cafe. Guess what? You will have the feeling of accessing an actual computer. You recall the feeling of “ah-yes” and how the world seemed more interactive once sitting down by a computer in an Internet café in GTA IV singleplayer? This is basically like that, yet much, much better and even more enticing. Realistic role-play : How we do it We’re starting off from a simple word. Reality. Our developers scripted and always had a few questions in mind. How does that work in real life? Can we script it that way? Doing that, they could easily separate the possible from the impossible, script-wise. Even though the gamemode is very realistic, players must roleplay as realistic as possible. Thus, our staff team will have to enforce basic roleplay principles and will be willing to teach any new player that shows interest in learning. We will be quite strict on the basics, but we understand not everyone wants to write paragraphs-long emotions. So, to a certain point, we won’t take action on you, of course. Bottom line is that the roleplay should be as close to realism and real life as possible! The Panel You’ve seen that word often if you’ve been once in your lifetime moderator or administrator - though, here, it’s all about you managing your character and your properties. It is a complex character panel for most in-game actions, which is linked to the gamemode itself. Don’t wait - register today on our forum at http://forum.ny-rp.com and for every 30 new members, we’ll publish a very detailled feature about the game mode. Spread the word!
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