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  1. Daniel Rablin

    Cant mod 2.0?

    Nope ive tried a dozen links and all of them are useless and have nothing to actually do with the no cd crack or contain any link to get it
  2. Daniel Rablin

    Ghostchild Presents - Pokker

    Ohh ok lol silly me. That means id probably give the movie a 10/10. Absolutly amazing. Plus i want to add how amazingly close ghostchild put the timing of the song with the way the planes acted...
  3. Daniel Rablin

    Cant mod 2.0?

    can someone tell me where to get the NOCD cracked exe?
  4. Daniel Rablin

    Ghostchild Presents - Pokker

    Hey, umm i don't wanna annoy you or anything but you can see that half of the video is fake. (notice how the hydra engines dont move into the other position) The stunts WERE good but its a shame they were'nt real. Anyway i liked the music. (im not norwegian or anything near it but still i enjoyed it)
  5. Daniel Rablin

    Cant mod 2.0?

    hey guys...when i bought the game i got it in V2.0 can someone give me the .dll files i need to go back to V1.0 or what ever...
  6. Daniel Rablin

    Loading Bar Crash

    Hi this might not be the right place to post this but i might as well since i cant find any other places to put this. Anyway i was just modding with the IMG editor (and ive tried every one i could get my hands on) and when i replace the txd and dff files and stuff and start a new game the loading bar just stops half way (i can still hear the music goin) could anyone please help me