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  1. My favourite cars are: 4x4: the Patriot definitely! It looks so great when being 'swingsetted'! And the fact it can climb through traffic. 2 door: Sentinel (goes bloody quick, and the one with the body kit is very cool) 4 door: Primo ( it just looks like those HK taxis (Toyota crown comfort) & I usually use it to have fun.) Sports: Turismo (for its handling and brakes), Infernus(for its looks and rarity) Other: Fire truck ( it's fun hosing people down ), Securicar (it has a hell lot of $$$ when you blow it up) bikes: NRG-900 (its looks, stunting abilities), PCJ-600 (same for NRG) Boats: Jetmax (its sleek look) Helis: Annilator (whatever it's spelt) ( this can kill in 1 shot! )
  2. I want to see all weapons in GTA3 era. Also, I want to see all their PROPER names, not some stupid Combat Pistol for what is the Desert Eagle.
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