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  1. megaupload delet me my parts if I upload there,,,was not the 1rst time they did it!....mediafire would be the best solutino but anyways this mod will be not again uploaded. Soon new mod comes...then I promess I upload If GTA Garage supports me...the ofc I Would for sure Upload it again in parts exlsuive for GTA GARAGE! but 1 rst I don+t know if they even supports me or if they will accept it! 2nd I don´t know much the admins or better I don´t know they!....so how to make it ?"!?!?
  2. Sorry I can´t. I mean...shouldn+t be slow! Megayupload only supports 200 mb per fil! this one makes 2gb per file...sry
  3. alote ppl will for sure. nothing wrong! it sucks to play 3 years with same cars only! need changes a bit
  4. Yes it looks like Luxus car everwhere...but still looks beautiful! Real = Means real car´s but not equal as same class cars in the game. That can be made too...by request ofc. I made this by over 8000 requests....thats why so much luxus car´s.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Krv_eQXEhHM This contains alote add´s and alote stuff new. Ofc all rights go to some of the autores of the cars!I have it. It has no erros or bug´s...it costed me 3 weaks of work to get it with no errors...so enjoy! Delta
  6. This is a little project making GTA IV real. This is only beta: Download links are on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzDzxjobS3o Enjoy it... any error's report it plz or add me on xfire: jsdc Hug's
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