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  1. is it just me or is gta:sa a really orange game? lol
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    - be able to go in more buildings - be able to blow up stuff with really good physics - better graphics, car damage etc.... - be able to put bodies in trunk - be able to burry bodies - make it so there is a mode where you can put it on "Ultra Realistic". Say if you kill someone, everyone forgets about it and you go on about your day. But not with ultra realistic mode. It will be your responsibility to hide the body (in the trunk maybe) and dispose of it (burry it, throw it in the water, whatever) If you don’t dispose of it properly prepare to go to jail (lose ALL of your weapons and ALL of your money) also, don’t kill anyone in brood daylight, if you do this people will see and everybody will be all over you. You have to go to a quit place (in the ally, a dock etc..) and then kill them. - be able to command your own gang, manage money and make hits on anyone. But be careful who you hit -be able to blow up a building or parts of it (with a lot of explosives) -be able to see where the bullet hit the person (see a bloody hole) -DEEP urban environment, grand theft auto 3 did this amazingly. -Police come in realistic numbers -built in level editor -built in car editor -built in person editor -built in building editor (once u made a building u can use it in the map editor, or u can just use a default building) I think it would be cool if they made my "Ultra Realistic Mode" a MMORGP style game. Where u can choose a life of crime, own a business, be a stripper, be a taxi driver, bus driver, prostitute, anything. And the gangs would compete in real time for control over the city (different gangs will control different cities) There will be ranks and you will do missions and specific jobs from people who are higher in rank then you. Depends on what gang your in. For example The Italians have big bosses and captains who have crews. The crews have crews etc...