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  1. you need to install cleo 4 to get the mod works only search in google CLEO4 install download the setup file and install it then put in your scripts and it will work. I had the same problem with cleo 3....
  2. Hi this is a wish list, just write down what aircraft you want us to fix. we will do it to do all that testing modo mods such as: hello! I wish for a space shuttle with 200 miles per second in speed and a large aircraft from Airbus Best Regards M.O.D.O Team Vote by M.O.D.O
  3. today and get free gta sa mods and upload your own mod! this is the first time the forum send out news and topic this forum whas created for 10 hours ago so register an help us to get more members and higher popularity. The semi final is special gift every week! Get special mods for gta new cars trainers tools as only is generated it can happen the generator generate it again so you have one more chans to download it Oh i forget tomorrow i will give out a special gift and it is... A Space Shuttle for gta san andreas! this mod replaces the airplane Shamal play and have fun! but you need to be registered to download it and to register its free
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