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  1. Problem solved, there was a problem with the mod itself, it works fine now tho. Thanks for the help, you guys can close this topic.. P.S: I couldn't edit my post.
  2. Going to try it now.. I'll edit my post if it works.
  3. I've tried several mods.. Same problem with every single one of them.. I tried running it as administrator, still same problem.
  4. Today I installed the San Andreas Mod Installer 1.1, I downloaded a biker mod (yamaha aerox) and installed it with the mod installer, everything was fine. I start GTA SA, click new game, it's loading, when it loads 50% the game shuts down, "gta_sa has stopped working". I have version v1 of GTA SA. I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance. Meth.
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