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  1. Who are we? GTA Roleplay is a roleplaying server with a gamemode created from scratch, focused on the question "What the players like?" and inovation, making it completely unique and the most suitable for the actual desires of the players, being this a script build from players to players it is our bigger purpose to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience to our players, but mostly an experience that can't be provived any where else. For that same reason we choosed the city of San Fierro has the place where the roleplay will occur, from our point of view it is the city with most roleplaying opportunities, but unfortunatly they have passed away from the sight of most, such didn't happen to us and we will show that to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What's special about our script? Following are some of the most important features on the script: -Advanced and dynamic vehicle system including a customizable car plate system. Each vehicle has his own trunk, fuel system and price. -The vehicle system includes a lights system, a modding place, a dynamic damage reaction system and a devalue system. -Some vehicles have custom interiors such as the ambulance, some trucks and some planes where you can /enter to theirs backside. -Four different governmental factions including San Fierro Police Department, San Fierro Emergency Services, San News and The Government. -Each of these has special features, which are: -SFPD: Advanced headquarters, with ALL the required functions. Besides that they have all the common abilities, from arresting to giving you a ticket. -SFES: Advanced headquarters; Commands such as /heal or /revive to revive you on sitatuations where you've died and faction cars drivable. -Government: Controls the taxes and earnings mainly in the paycheck. There is an advanced tax & debt system so the server economie is stable and dynamic. -San News: Responsible for all advertising and news. Can report in the newspaper, radio or promote advertising. -The chance to create IG any other sort of Faction as the players wishes(crime syndicates, mafias, street gangs...) -Advanced building system, which can be fully controlled and customized IG. Includes 3 different types of buildings (houses/businesses/buildings) and 12 different types of businesses. -Advanced skill system with five available skills for you to improve. Each skill brings you new abilities, you can improve this skills over time or in special places like the University for instance. -Unique first time seen inventory system based on your strenght and items weight. You can carry as much items as you want and you have enough strenght to carry based on the items weight. You will be able to carry any sort of item here, from guns, to notebooks, cellphone, masks and tens more that you wouldn't belive if told. -Unique clothes system in which you actually carry around your clothes. -All types of vehicle requires a license since there are four kinds of licenses, car license, truck license, boat license and plane license. -Infinite roleplay possibilities for you to spend your time with. -Five unique jobs available including: -The garbage man: You have to find trashbags around the town and put them into your truck. -The taxi driver: Drive people around town, setting your fare as you wish. -The Mechanic: Fix people vehicles, tow them or refill them. You can also take them to special businesses called garages where you can fully fix them. -The trucker: You buy a package somewhere and you have to sell it at some destination. -The pilot: As Los Santos and Las Venturas are closed down, you can't fly there but there are some custom islands around the sea where you drive your plane with passengers to. -Each job requires a certain license/skill ammount for you to apply for it. The jobs earnings depends on your intelligence skill. -Drugs system. -Much more that you only can see trying it... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other Information: You can find our website at: http://gta-roleplay.co.be/ Don't forget to favourite our server to play when you want, Server IP: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *The Grand Opening will happen at 17.04.2011 exactly at 21:01 (GMT +1), the first 5 players to arrive the* server will receive a 10000$ bonus, and the rest arriving on this weekend will receive a 5000$ bonus. We are looking for faction leaders and helpers, feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading and we would be very pleased with your presence with us on GTA Roleplay, best regards.
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