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  1. OK, so i deleted the endrophin animation, nothing happend. Then i search for a backup torrent gta3.img, i replace it, and YEAYYYYYY!!!!!!! IT'S FIXED!!! THANKS TO YOU, NOW I CAN FINALLY PLAY GTA SA WITH NO PROBLEMS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! LOVE YOU, MAN!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
  2. Guys!!! You really need to HELP me! I got problem! My GTA is crazy outta here! The fat ballas guys become with one long arm and one normal, then their head is like in 2D, and their noses are f**king BIG!!! HELP!!! Something really strange happend!!! Here's a link of a video to see the actuall gameplay! Hope you Help!!! Click here to go to the video.
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