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  1. VC-MP: Making my own Server

    OK.. Actually, for these questions, I can't answer: How can i add my own commands to the server? How can i add my own text to the server? BUT for this answer: When i put my server online, it's only for the people that are on my router. How can i make it that people from over the whole world can join my server? I CAN HELP YOU!! it's working for me, and it's free.. YOU just have to do port forward for your server and the people from all over the world can play in your server! that's it! PORT FORWARD!! lol.. portforward is easy actually, 1. go to your gateway in your browser, default is , 2. log into your router, goto "advanced setup", goto "NAT", goto "virtual servers", click "add", 3. select your network interface, in "service name" use "custom service" and put the name "VCMP", 4. then write "Server IP Address:" with your IPv4 Address (mine is "" depends on your computer) 5. then in "External Port Start" write your port for VCMP (same for "External Port End"), 6. for protocol, select "TCP/UDP", then click "apply/save".. that's it!! 7. then review it whether it is there or not.. NOTE: if you dont know your network gateway and IPv4 address, then run "cmd" and type "ipconfig" then enter! LOOK IN THE DIALOG FOR IT.. SCREENSHOTS: Using IPconfig in CMD: Entering info in router setting page: Review your port forward: FOR ME, sincerely I say, using SA-MP is easier than VC-MP.. but VC-MP is more fun than SA-MP! if you want to play VC-MP at my server, add " hidayat.no-ip.org:7755 " into your favourites and play!