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  1. I like the fact that you can pick the color and car parts on some of the cars in the game. For once I don't have to go back and in just to get the right color. That kind of gets me thinking. If you can get car parts and tattoos, I'm just wondering, when the PC version comes out, will people be making their own tattoos, car parts, wheels, and maybe even clothes? We'll just have to wait a long time to see.
  2. I like that truck. How many of you have a PS2? I don't have one. I'm going to have to wait for the PC version comes out next year. I'll just play it from a friends PS2 The trailer was kinda cool. Does anybody know how many types of clothes there will be in the game?
  3. I like the San Andreas website. Im downloading the new trailer right now Is that car on the GTA place home page going to be in the game too?
  4. About the eating thing. I really don't think you have to eat. But if you dont your charcter will be all skinny and weak. You'll wont die. That's how i think it will work.
  5. Ok. Its all working well now. I guess it was the traffic thing. (but i do have slow internet) Thanks for those with suggestions. I'll say somthing once in a while. I enjoy these chats. Marine008 ^ My nickname
  6. I hope someone can help me on this problem. When I go to the Offical San Andreas website, when the site is loading, the numbers freeze and dont move. It stayed the same for 20 minutes. Please help. By the way i'm new
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