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  1. I want to take the Squalo or the Jetmax without starting Checkpoint Charlie. Is there anyway to do this?
  2. When you mod VC you can add the two files (.dff and .txd) at once, but this doesn't work with SA for some reason. I know you're probably thinking "It only takes 10 seconds to add both files!" but for me it's annoying to add one and then the other one.
  3. Thanks for replying. I only get a major framerate drop (around 20-25 FPS) when there are lot of shadows, fires or smoke (specially when I fly through the clouds in the sky), other than that the game usually runs around 30 FPS, which is good.
  4. I want to know because there are some features my PC can support with visual FX set to High and some it can't or they decrease the FPS. For example, I'd like to turn off the dynamic shadows (all of them), but leave the texture and grass elements you get when you set FX to High or Very High. Is there anyway to do this?