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    Weapons List for GTA-5

    I agree with the above posts regarding melee weapons as I believe they are a bit limited in gta (with the modest exception of VC). I want to see more variety in: knives(including switchblades and balisongs), swords (not just katana), anything improvised such as: crowbars, pool ques, axes, golf clubs, improvised maces (ie: board with nails), screw drivers, hammers, machetes, box cutters, etc. Basically, anything that can be used as a weapon. For firearms: Pistols (with varying degrees of damage): glock 18 (auto), s&w .38 snubnose revolver, any big calibur pistols like desert eagle or colt python <-with supressors available for each at cost. Shotguns: (already pretty well rounded but need one suppressed), SMGs: bring back the tech 9 and uzi (i get bored with just the mac 10 and mp5) and a tommy gun as well would be nice. (not weapons but I still would like to see more clothing options and body modifications as well as automobile modifications like on SA)