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    GTA 3 Zombie MOD Interest

    I'm new to most forums concerning GTA. I've been modding for all GTA games for some time. I am currently working on a mod I guess you could call it. I'm calling it "Liberty City After Death". I'm modding GTA 3 for this (I'd get into why I chose GTA 3 but basiclly, its a simpliler game). I've already completed 50 missions and am currently working on the new vehicles, skins, buildings, map, and Peds. The theme is gonna be zombies. Your a survivor of a zombie plague and the missions basically are to help you survive and to save others from the undead or you just run around doing bonus missions and killing the zombie hordes. I've actually got the peds acting like the walking dead, beefed up thier health to make them harder to kill (trying to figure how to code to make them die on head shots only, I'm close but not quite there), Pes lose a leg or arm they still come for you, I've added zombie hordes ( 10x the peds), there is also several vehicle upgrades I'm working on. An example , I've got an EVO built with diamond plate armor and .50 cal guns mounted on the roof they fire similier to the boats but beefed up ammo, flash, and audio. Will post SS's if there is any interest. Thats only a small portion of whats all involved should be finished in a month or so, been working on it for the past month and a half. What I would like to know is what vehicles would you guys like to see in it and what other extras. I need some suggestions I'm running out of ideas. I would also like to know if there would be any real interest in this? If not, I'm not gonna finish it for public release and just keep it to play myself. ANY feedback is appreciated. Thanx in advance. Deicide.