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  1. Well, I'm stuck. I'm running an i7 2620QM Quad Core 8 Thread 2.2GHz (auto overclock to 3.1) GHz; 8GB RAM; NVidia GeForce 555 (2GB). I had GTA4 installed on my old laptop which was about a quarter of the specs of that, and was just able to scratch off 10-15fps at minimum graphics. Well, I've got my new laptop now with the specs above, and the main thing going through my mind when I bought it was "hell these specs look good, I'll be able to play GTA with this!" Installed, first I get that memory restriction issue where it tells me there's only 59MB of video memory. Now I've managed to work around that and put it up to 1.5GB even though it took me all night. I'm on a steady 6fps at minimum graphics and tearing my hair out! This is supposed to be a gaming computer! How come it can't run GTA on MINIMUM?! I've opened up task manager alongside to check if there's anything else running taking up the speed, but the RAM's settled at about 3.5GB out of the available 8 and the 8 CPU threads never go above 40%. Here's the interesting part however. The frame rate doesn't slow down any more when I increase the graphics settings. It runs minimum graphics at 6fps, but it also runs very high graphics at 6fps. Wierd! Suggestions?
  2. Haven't posted elsewhere yet. You bring up a point - We'll angle the podcast so it can be used with any GTA game with the user music option. Should widen the range a little.
  3. Hello GTA Place - been meaning to create an account here for a year now but never gotten round to it, so this is something of a hello post as well. Anyway, I've been playing GTA4 for a good few months now and while I love the radio - PLR, WKTT and Integrity 2.0 especially - there's only so long it lasts before the same stuff just happens over and over and over. The user music option was great, but again, I always end up listening to the same tracks I hear every other day. So I've decided to try a little solution. This morning I sat in the studio and set up a few mics and got a little radio setup going. And then I thought, well a lot of people like the talk radio as I do, but a lot of people also like the music radios in GTA4, so why not combine the two. We're setting a weekly podcast episode going with all sorts of stuff so that if you're tired of the same old gta radio, then you can hop onto our site and download our MP3 podcast. We'll put a new one up every week so it won't be so repetitive. We're also going to feature some indie artists so if you make your own music and want to get some stuff played, send it on over! Thoughts, comments, love it? Hate it? We're not here to make money, we just want to share with the rest of you, so we thought "what better way than a free weekly podcast? people can download if they want, and leave if they don't." It's a nice way to get some unheard artists, well, heard as well. There are so many people out there that deserve more than they get. Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to read, hello again!
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