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    Three car mod questions

    When i do this the car is missing either front bumper or the rear one.. Can you tell me how to save the changes in the Car components menu in the Native Trainer?
  2. TicalTacitical

    Three car mod questions

    Another problem i've got, now that i found a mod for (let's say) Sultan, but textures aint good. Can i put a new car over the modded car? Or do i need the original wtd/wft files and then mod those again?
  3. TicalTacitical

    Three car mod questions

    How do i add a top? :-) X/Y/Z = 0.0 WC+: 1.25 WC-: 0.95 WCLateral: 13.5 Ws+ 0.14 Wbias: 0.47 It's not because it's 4WD, it's RWD. And both rear tires makes double rubber pattern. You know what i mean? Like it was 4 wheels in the rear
  4. TicalTacitical

    Three car mod questions

    Hey I like to mod gta IV and think this is a good forum so here i am. First of all I'm kinda stuck at modding my feltzer. How do i make the Feltzer Non-convertible? Is this edited in the handling.dat? (Kinda silly jumping trough the roof into my super mercedes :-) Second question. I modded my Schafter but i got one problem, when i accelerate it, it leaves (not sure what to call it) double wheel spin on the ground, you know, like "double rubber wheelspin pattern" hehe. Anyone knows what the problem might be here? Third and last question, I'm trying to make my own handling lines because many of the ones coming with the cars seems to be messed up. I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible. One of my main problems with the handling is cars flipping over. The only way as i can see it is in the Handling.dat file, under Suspension (Sf, M_fSuspensionForce). What i do is in and out of game setting Suspensionforce higher and it seems to work, untill they become so stiff they start jumping around all over, even when I'm standing still. Btw any tips further on the handling files? What are the main lines you're editing when making a handling line? Mainly i stick to these lines: Mass C) DragMult TF) DriveForce TV) Velocity Plus some of the suspension lines. Is there any other lines i should focus on? I'm also trying to make a bad ass accelerating drift super car, but the problem seems to be slow gear shift's. Any ideas here? I've been trying to search on several forums but can't find any answers to my issues. If someone would like to add something on my n0b mod-skills i would appreciate it very much. Looking forward to answers (?) Best yo's