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  1. yeah i bought it for real well thanks Gerard for theese links i will try with this also
  2. okey, so i finished the game on a cracked version and then i bought the game so can i somehow transfer the saved game files from the cracked version to the cd version? if so how please help X_X
  3. Nevermind, i solved it myself it was the trainer somehow.
  4. What am i doing wrong when adding a drift handling? From beginning: i install the car using GTA IV Vehicle mod installer, then i go to handling.dat, goes to the car i modded and paste the new handling over the current handling then save, update and start gta iv. Now when i spawning the car and driving it, it is like it got low gravity, when i turn the car it flips (or almost), there is no drifting at all X_X
  5. Hello, im new to the forums ^^ well heres my question, is there possible to make the tires NOT to pop? ive searced but with no success x_x
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