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  1. Zack0

    Follow Patch Sequence

    But what about skins?! Is it work on 1.7? and another question Where can i find the half-Fingers Gloves?!
  2. Zack0

    Follow Patch Sequence

    Thank you for your information.I don't know that STEAM's GTA 4 already in v1.7
  3. I have some questions,when i want to install patch for my GTA IV (STEAM).Do I have to FOLLOW the patch sequence for example 1st i have to instal then and so on until (If I want to upgrade until V1.0.4.0)??! because I had installed version before without the version before it.But when I run the game...it says Cannot run the RGSC (rockstar game social club) then the game won't run because of it. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND.I'm bad in english.