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  1. Whenever i'm playing san andreas evenything will work perfectly fine until after a while it will come with a blue screen with numbers and error messages but it goes way to fast for me to read it then after its gone the computer restarts How can i fix this?? Any help will be really thankful cause this is really starting to annoy and piss me off!
  2. I have a eMachine W3052 with Windows XP Here are the specs: Processor: AMD Athlon, MMX, 3DNow, 1.2GHz Ram: 448 MB DVD Driver: 16x Free Space: 99.4 GB Video Card: 64 MB GeForce 4 MX Sound: DirectX 9.0 Will it run San Andreas?
  3. I am new to modding so this is probably a stupid question but when you downgrade your V2 to V1 can you mod it just like you would with the original V1?
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