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  1. RedDingo

    I can't play my GTA VC!

    If you get a virus from an ILLEGAL copy, then maybe you should BUY it. That's Karma for you lol
  2. Hi Guys (& Gals?) OK, so i have been playing around with Vice Builder for quite some time now. So far I have modded a LOT of stuff, I have vehicles all over the place, extra weapon pick-ups scattered around, health pick-ups, new textures, all that sort of thing.... One Mod In particular is the Car Showroom now has a few more cars in the interior, and all are there from the start, as well as a lot of cars in the "lot" outside. Another thing I have done is figured out how to make the Tow Truck lights flash (Grungy Harry's Chevy C10). I started my mod from the Marina Car Park Mod, so this is where my Main.scm starts, and then I went BALLISTIC on it lol. Anyway so I am after some missions etc. to add to it, so if anyone is interested in contributing then please let me know. I am still trying to get hold of the Author of the Car Park Mod for permission to include it, so if anyone can help there, that would also be good. For my first Mod release, I am going BIG! **NOTE - the screenshot with 4 functioning police cars is with the help of Maxo's Vehicle Mod (still trying to get permission to include this as well) permission for the individual cars themselves needs to be obtained as well.
  3. lol, that's all I'm gonna say