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  1. gta 4 closes out

    i cant install the patch it wont let me is there any other way to install the patch?
  2. gta 4 closes out

    i can also run gta sa just fine
  3. gta 4 closes out

    what do u mean by that?
  4. gta 4 closes out

    its a brand new laptop windows 7
  5. gta 4 closes out

    ok so that got rid of the gta 4 has stopped working but it went back to the first problem
  6. gta 4 closes out

    **************UPDATE*************ok so now it says gta 4 has stopped working please help
  7. gta 4 closes out

    when ever i open up gta 4 it closes out at the lil black box and it doesnt say anything.......please help