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  1. I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/EjrHZZMU Geometry Wars // Update

  2. My first ever montage is going to be on GTAIV ...Just before GTAV gets released, it's going to be amazing, I'm sure of it.

  3. Off to school, have a good day guys. :)

  4. Night duded, it's been a good weekend... Let's hope the next week is just as good.

  5. It's been a good weekend for my channel. @Kenburtonshow thanks for you advice bro!

  6. Rendering a video, other one was rejected for reasons you won't ever know... :P This one's better

  7. think this is gonna be another 100+ Day. :)

  8. Just sorting out the video's meta data first.

  9. I am... Awake. :P

  10. normal by about Tuesday(ish)

  11. Not sure how to go about this next Video.

  12. Proud of myself right now...

  13. Fancy some GTA San Andreas gameplay later?

  14. Big thanks guys! Woke up this morning to find 2,019 video views on the new channel! It was only last week I hit 1,000 I'm sure. =P

  15. That video can be worked on tomorrow or Sunday, I think I've got the gameplay for it, just need the topic...

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