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  1. Can TGTAP forum create one section whic is,Mod showroom ? in the mod showroom section,there are 6 section:map,cars,other,coding,tools & characters. in the map section,we can post our near done/WIP map project there in cars section,we can post our cars idea/converted vehicle in other section,we can post about other mod like CLEO mod,ENB & others in coding section,we can post our custom made custom made script in tools section,we can post our custom made tools for GTA or share unrealesed toold in characters section,we can post our custom models/skins/pedestrians What do you think ?
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    ENB iCandy

    New iCandy setting will be release soon !
  3. ItsAllAboutGTA

    ENB iCandy

    Boring with the old ugly graphic of SA ? I have the sollution.what you have to do is only install iCandy ENB setting.This ENB give you a smooth touch,realistic graphic & wonderful.here are some screens: iCandy: iCandy - 1.2B: iCandy - 1.4C: Download iCandy:DOWNLOAD iCandy - 1.2B:DOWNLOAD iCandy - 1.4C:DOWNLOAD Choose your choice
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    ENB iCandy

    You need a Low PC ENB then
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    ENB iCandy

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    ENB iCandy

    lol,this is custom timecyc
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    TGTAP Forum Suggestion

    I appreciate it
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    ENB Settings?

    That is the bloom
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    You can go to:http://www.gtaforums.com/?showforum=246 For tutorial of making DYOM
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    Some new GTA Mods please

    I don't think so if there is a car mods or something else without using IMG tool