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  1. Hi everybody, and welcome to my first post. I hope it's not the last one... Well, since GTA 3 is available vor android, I'm really into it. So i created a game file with only the paramedics done, but then i also created a master game file, where i did everything on every island. But there is only one thing i couldn't do, and that's exporting the fbi kuruma in portland (and also the rhino and barracks ol of course) I tried it by modifing the default.ide, so it would spawn normally in the streets, it worked well for the bf injection, but not for the fbi kuruma, everytime one fbi kuruma spawned, the game crashed immediately bcz of unknown reasons (maybe bcz it's an emergency vehicle?). The thing is i can't get 5 wanted stars at the beginning or i would simply jack one. Then i exchanged everything from the kuruma with the fbi kuruma resulting in spawning fbi kurumas around the streets, but when i brought them to the crane, he wasn't interested in that model, so he still tought it would be a normal kuruma does anybody know how i could spawn a fbi kuruma (or rhino or barracks), maybe eg instead of the perennial near the hospital in portland, or does anybody know a mod wich enables the six star wanted levels at the very beginning? I invested a lot of time into this game file, and it would be nice to complete it I would also post it here! I hope you can help a little lousy would-like-to-be-modder^^ Greez Vandal PS is there a mod to free the portland tunnel at the beginning... because i would like to save some cars in staunton (for example the bulletproof securicar and the manana corpse, but durnig the "blind passenger" mission i haven't access to staunton. I know how to get to staunton by foot, but not in a car... oh and i'm not a cheater, so dont come up with the dodo car cheat I tried to jump over the bridge by modifing the handlings.cfg and increase the max speed and lower the mass of some vehicles, but then i could hardly accelerate anymore and the max speed was about 10 mph.... somehow strange
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