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  1. If you're interested or dreaming in getting into the game industry and don't know how salary stands there, read. http://t.co/8wztqsDl

  2. Guess what! T-5 minutes for the fifth Monthiversary of no GTA V trailer. :'(

  3. I'm about to play-- oh you, you think you're so clever, but you can't possibly guess what I am about to play!

  4. Never thought I'd see something like MLP reference one of Rome's bloodiest moments, and with style. Rarity fucking wins.

  5. Oh Bioware oh you guys, you got me! http://t.co/L0Nf37va

  6. Okay, okay people expect "The Black Box" announcement containing HL3, L4D3, TF3 and Portal 3 tomorrow. And Duke's imminent sequel. Eternity.

  7. Not mocking, judging, criticizing ME3. Or stolen from Bioware's offices which didn't have a lock. http://t.co/nU5gjFLt

  8. Thinking about it... I liked ME3's ending so much it was DAMN close of beating Red Dead's. But Marston's outing still takes top spot.

  9. And then I married her. A song. I married a song. #EndofStory No regrets. http://t.co/NEvYw8Xh

  10. I remember exactly 5 years ago when the 1st GTA IV trailer released a day after my birthday. I hoped the same for GTA V, but it's ok. :)

  11. And now with Mass Effect 3 done it's time for the next big thing people: Max Payne 3. #HELL #YES

  12. And you know you're special when nobody can come close of copying you. #RockstarandGTA

  13. And that sequence on the Citadel, ah man that was deliciously intense. I still hate that asian cocksucker.

  14. Finally making some "considerable" progress on ME3. Heh, seems like Citadel-shopping are a major distraction for today's space commanders.

  15. "Fight or die, Carl. It's the only choice we have." -Zero #GTAsanandreas Making quotes before they were cool.

  16. Saddens me I couldn't get Liberty City and Vice City stories. Fundamental shit. Oh well.

  17. I finally got Catch the Bus in Gay Tony. Danced my ass perfectly in the hetero club and in the, that's right, the homo one. trolol #winning?