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  1. burgers are awsome

  2. If ant 1 wants 2 join add me on psn or leave a reply
  3. Hi im Beelzibub_666 Im the President of the hells guard mc of liberty city i have been running it for a while now and was thinking that by going on to forums that there might be a chance of getting more members and alliances. HERE ARE THE RULES. 1. You must respect your superiors 2. You must not provoke enemy gangs, allied gangs or other members 3. The only gang(S) that you can annoy is/are the police gang(s) they are always tryin 2 start wars with us and we keep on beating them back 4. When you are riding with gang members you must only drive a car if there are no motorbikes If you are wishing to join you must send me a message with reasons why u want 2 join and what your best qualities are in gta. GOOD LUCK TO ALL
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