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  1. RoSA Project - global texture modification, which is planned to replace the texture of the San Andreas in the texture with a resolution of 512 and 1024 pixels. It is also planned two versions: 1) Realistic - includes the texture of the real names of cities, shopping, advertising (billboards), the real texture of sidewalks, etc.; 2) Standard - includes only the texture similar to standard. All names and other remain the same, but the texture quality will increase by 2-3 times. The basis of modifications - the textures in 1024x1024 resolution. Major roads and highways (highway) - 2048x2048 . The rest of the texture - not less than 512x512 . Team: dima001rus MaKs_IV VIDEO: Desert preview SCREENSHOTS: http://maks-studio.gallery.ru/?p=albums&parent=hPAB P.S. Google translator MORE NEWS ON GTA MODDING COMMUNITY - http://gmc.3dn.ru
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