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  1. My apologies, I started a topic about this...but I think Houston would be awesome for GTA.
  2. Ok, so I know that GTA V is going to be in LA. But earlier I was listening to Grey Tapes,Drake's mixtape "So Far Gone", and KIrko Bangz and it got me thinking what a great place Houston would be for GTA. I was thinking a young African American protaganist (21-24). I just feel like Houstons African American culture (as well as others, dont get me wrong) is just great for it. The music is great. I only really listen to rap so thats what I can comment on. Classics such as Screw, Big Moe,Lil Keke and Bun B and even new artists such as Drake or Kirko Bangz. The cars are great too. Candy paint, drop top, blinged out cars. Kind of like San Andreas. Also, a drink...Lean..could be cool for the game. Add on please, this is right off the top of my head. Thanks for reading & Happy Memorial Day!
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