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  1. Shit-Happens796

    Need Help

    Firstly u should have a .dff and the apropriate .txd dor this model to work. Then just find the correct files (maybe from downloading another mod that replaces these files) so as to replace them with the others you have. Remember to back up your files first!!!
  2. Shit-Happens796


    Hmmmm.. Ok i'll check it out:) thanks anyway:))
  3. Shit-Happens796


    ok understood:D 1 question: i have a problem with the 'ALFA'(the other 'image' which comes with some of the images in a .txd file) i don't know how to preserve it, i mean that for example: i eddited the cursor that is in the map and shows your location. well after editting i saw that it had a black background and it was really awful:O . I extracted the image and didn't extracted the 'alfa' i don't know how!! pliz could u give me some advise?? P.S. sorry for my bad english. i am greek.... :/
  4. Shit-Happens796


    Hey guys just figuring out how to change the spraypaint that says 'grove street for life' or one of the other tags and change it to sth else, for example: HELLO instead of GROVE STREET FOR LIFE somebody help pliiz!! )
  5. I just updated my website, check it out! http://t.co/Qagj3WX3

  6. I just updated my Website, check it out! http://t.co/Qagj3WX3 via @weebly

  7. Shit-Happens796

    Custom Spray and Spraypaint mod

    Also have the same questions... :/
  8. Shit-Happens796


    Wait for me to upload..... ;D
  9. Shit-Happens796

    Thank you :)

    Hey guys I am prety new to this forum and I would like to tell you how happy I am about being a Modder Anyway after finishing GTA San Andreas I was really bored with the gameplay, so i searched the net if i could actualy change the game aspects with my own preferences. And after 3 months of learning i am finaly pleased to say that i am a fourteen-year-old modder So this post is for those who helped me with their tutorials and the important info they provided me with:) Hope that someday i will not only be capable of retexturing, but also of creating and editting the 3d models and other aspects of the game, such as missions, cleo mods etc. Hope to chat with other modders like you with the same interests as mine and make some really good projects THANK YOU!!! :D
  10. Shit-Happens796

    New RAM or Video Card?

    ATI Radeon X1200 Series. I also have a DDR2 RAM, 856MB, 333GHZ.
  11. Shit-Happens796

    New RAM or Video Card?

    Hey guys listen up. I have GTA San Andreas v1 EU and i want to enable a mod that is calles HD MOD and it makes san andreas looking really fantastic.. the only prob. is that i have only 856mb of RAM memory and it is very frustrating when it, how can i say this, stucks on the frames. i can't play like this so i have 2 solutions. 1st: buy 2gb more RAM memory and 2nd: buy a new video card. so this is the question: what should i choose fron the two solutions if i want to play gta san andreas with full HD graphics? Thank you in advance for any help and i am sorry about my english
  12. Shit-Happens796

    GTA SA Oil Sea Deck

    Well the whole idea came up while i was watching an adventure movie yesterday evening. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to create an oil sea deck / rig or whatever it is called for gta san andreas. It will be really spectacular and we can add fires and smoke coming up from a tube and the hole constructure would be very nice. Ok listen up. You can contact me on facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/tasospapt ) or in twitter ( @Tasos796 ), so as to plan and eventually create the oil sea deck for san andreas. Thank you. :)