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  1. Sorry, not sure how to edit my original post, but anyway... I've looked more into it, and have attempted to download a degrading patch to make my game version 1.0, but the download always corrupts (the one on filefront or whatever), but I read that it probably won't work and will just cause game crashes? So who knows... I will suck it up and work my way through the game if I have to, it's just annoying not being able to make something work, lol.
  2. Sometimes I just want to drive around listening to music, so I thought I'd download a saved game which lets me access each city without having to fly there and use multiple cheats. But I've tried several downloads, and they all load right from the beginning? I think I'm doing something wrong... I have a saved game that is compatible with my game version (2.0 or whatever), I popped it in the user data folder thingy, overriding the original file, but still it loads from the very beginning of the game. How does one properly install a downloaded saved game? I figured there wouldn't be an exact science to it... I don't have any mods that could cause conflicts. TIA