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    San Andreas
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    Stafford, VA
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    1) Radio: Traffic, Talk, News, and Weather. That's the career field I'm in.<br /><br />2) Recording/Audio Production, I teach classes for these subjects at Northern Virginia Community College.<br /><br />3) Mustangs: 1965 to 1973, I own five of them.<br /><br />4) XB GT Falcon Coupes: 1973 to 1976, I own two of those.<br /><br />5) other cars I currently own: <br />75 Chevy Impala<br />78 Pinto<br />68 Galaxie 500 Fastback<br /><br />6) Favorite Video Games, PC only:<br />Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas<br />Manhunt<br />Driver<br />Duke Nukem 3D<br />DRIV3R (Driver 3)<br />Driver: Parallel Lines<br />Grand Theft Auto: Vice City<br />Grand Theft Auto III<br /><br />7) Favorite arcade games:<br />Super Pac Man<br />Operation Wolf<br />Hard Drivin'<br />Race Drivin'<br />Galaga<br />Donkey Kong<br /><br />8) Favorite Games for the Atari 800 Computer:<br />Montezuma's Revenge<br />Lode Runner<br /><br />and yes, 'Zoom' is my legal name.<br /><br />also, the GTA in my Avatar stands for <br />'Grand Touring Automatic'<br />it's a Mustang that was produced in the late 60's.<br />I don't own one, it's just a play-on-words<br />:)

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  1. Hey Zoom Zoom, how'd you get the

    "Zoomzoom" custom thing on you? And, also, just to let you know, I just completed "End of The Line" on my 4th try (I kept failing cuz I couldn't get my car behind the firetruck and save sweet fast enough :D)

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