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  1. Boonqueesha

    Gta San Andreas Convoy Protection V2

    Wow! Awesome job, broseph!
  2. Boonqueesha

    Gta San Andreas Remote lock car v3.2

    Wow! That's actually really neat!
  3. Boonqueesha

    Ride the Rockets!

    Sure, why not? You can send me an invite: www.facebook.com/The.Syndicate15
  4. Boonqueesha

    Ride the Rockets!

    I spent four years reverse engineering PSP games, but there weren't nearly as many tools available for that as there are for the PC. I've also spent a couple years of my life studying game design and even writing my own 2D games. So when it comes to reverse engineering, I have a pretty good grasp on how to locate things and modify them to my advantage. Everything I find, I log. This enables me to map the memory and get a good idea for where I can find stuff in the future. For example, I started working on making my bullets explode like RPGs this morning, and I thought the best place to start would be to find the function that determines what type of item to throw, launch or fire. I remembered that, while looking for Rapid Fire, I found a code that made special weapons (flamethrowers, RPGs, spray paints, etc.) fire actual bullets instead of their respective types of "ammo." I started there, and much to my surprise, right above the instruction I modified to achieve that effect was a call to a function pointer. Low and behold the function pointers point to the functions for firing whatever type of ammo you're currently trying to fire. About an hour of tracing and comparing later, I made a cheat to make all weapons fire rockets. It's amazing to use on the jetpack! I'm pretty excited about this one because, theoretically, I can now make any weapon shoot any type of ammo I want. I'm going to try molotovs next! [media=] [/media]As for reverse engineering file formats, I've never been good with decryption. I'm a fan of writing my own algorithms to encrypt data, but I don't know anything about decryption. I don't find it all that interesting either. I'm better with busting open CheatEngine and staring at a game's ASM for hours on end. Don't ask me why. Edit: Got it!
  5. Boonqueesha

    Ride the Rockets!

    Hey thanks broseph, glad you found it fun. I'm always trying to come up with new ideas with games like these. The possibilities are endless!
  6. Boonqueesha

    Rapid Fire Weapons!

    So as I promised, here's a video of the rapid fire cheat I was working on. It took me several days of studying the ASM and tracing the origins of the shooting function, but I finally landed it. It isn't perfect, I set it to automatically fire when you hold the right mouse button or press the left mouse button, but it works nonetheless. If anyone knows C++, you can use the code supplied to add it to your trainer, or just modify the instructions in memory with a program like CheatEngine to get it to work. Or, maybe someone will be nice enough to convert it to CLEO since I know nothing about that. The recoil is a little annoying, I'll have to fix that so all bullets go perfectly straight. Enjoy though! [media=] [/media] void enableRapidFire() { WriteProcessMemory(gtaProcess, (LPVOID)rapidFire1, &enableRapidFire1, 2, NULL); WriteProcessMemory(gtaProcess, (LPVOID)rapidFire2, &enableRapidFire2, 2, NULL); } void disableRapidFire() { WriteProcessMemory(gtaProcess, (LPVOID)rapidFire1, &disableRapidFire1, 2, NULL); WriteProcessMemory(gtaProcess, (LPVOID)rapidFire2, &disableRapidFire2, 2, NULL); } Declarations: DWORD rapidFire1 = 0x00624f00; //These are the addresses in memory that you'll want to modify DWORD rapidFire2 = 0x00624F06; BYTE enableRapidFire1[3] = "\x90\x90"; //These are the bytes you'll use to enable rapid fire BYTE enableRapidFire2[3] = "\x75\x0A"; BYTE disableRapidFire1[3] = "\x75\x24"; //These are the bytes you'll use to disable rapid fire BYTE disableRapidFire2[3] = "\x74\x0A";
  7. Boonqueesha

    Ride the Rockets!

    Ironically, I don't know anything about CLEO. I have it installed on my computer, but no idea what it does. I'm more of a reverse engineering type of guy. If someone wants to convert it to CLEO, that'd be great. I spent the last few days working on a rapid fire too. So I have all the weapons fully rapid. It's neat, I'll post a video soon and maybe someone can convert that one as well.
  8. Boonqueesha

    Ride the Rockets!

    Haha, it actually does! So if you lock onto a helicopter, you can ride it all the way up to take it out! Unfortunately, I've only memorized the cheat for a specific weapon set that doesn't have the heat seekers. Yeah, I originally made the video to show my brother, but figured I would bust into the scene with it. I showed him a video prior to this one that had the same song and he hated it, so I figured I would use it here.
  9. Boonqueesha

    Ride the Rockets!

    Hey guys, I recently made a cheat for San Andreas in my off time. It lets you "ride" rockets and molotovs (probably grenades and other thrown items too, I haven't tested it). It's written in ASM and I'm not finished with my trainer, so if you want to use it, you'll have to modify the memory yourself with a program like CheatEngine. Enjoy! BTW, the music is a total inside joke between my brother and I, so please don't take offense. Ride the Rockets! 0060DA0E - E9 5D2BDFFF - jmp 00400570 00400570 - 55 - push ebp 00400571 - 54 - push esp 00400572 - 51 - push ecx 00400573 - 52 - push edx 00400574 - 50 - push eax 00400575 - A1 B8F3B600 - mov eax,[00B6F3B8] 0040057A - 85 C0 - test eax,eax 0040057C - 74 26 - je 004005A4 0040057E - 8B 40 14 - mov eax,[eax+14] 00400581 - 85 C0 - test eax,eax 00400583 - 74 1F - je 004005A4 00400585 - 8B 0D BC91C800 - mov ecx,[00C891BC] 0040058B - 85 C9 - test ecx,ecx 0040058D - 74 15 - je 004005A4 0040058F - 89 48 30 - mov [eax+30],ecx 00400592 - 8B 0D C091C800 - mov ecx,[00C891C0] 00400598 - 89 48 34 - mov [eax+34],ecx 0040059B - 8B 0D C491C800 - mov ecx,[00C891C4] 004005A1 - 89 48 38 - mov [eax+38],ecx 004005A4 - 58 - pop eax 004005A5 - 5A - pop edx 004005A6 - 59 - pop ecx 004005A7 - 5C - pop esp 004005A8 - 5D - pop ebp 004005A9 - 0FBE D1 - movsx edx,cl 004005AC - 6B D2 1C - imul edx,edx,1C 004005AF - E9 60D42000 - jmp 0060DA14