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  1. Ok..now we have to tell every stunter (look first post to see who's in) to resend their stuff.If anyone wants

    to sign up that's ok too.

    What should the deadline be...ten days from now?I'll set it to 20.8.2007 so if anyone has complains

    about it tell me...

  2. I played it numerous times with friends over the LAN but I don't really like it.I don't think it's realistic enough

    and maps are tooo big and not very interesting (IMO).Anyway if somebody asked me I would say

    Call of Duty 2 beats it in every way.Although new Battlefield 2214 (or whatever year) may be good...

    I liked the trailers...

  3. Justshes or whatever...that's not stunting...You c everybody can make jumps like that.

    Please read DeathCobra's tut about stunting which can be found in the Stunting forum (and it's pinned)

    and stop hurting my head with that




    Oh yeah, if you ever need help about stunting after reading DeathCobra's tut I'll be more then glad to help you.

  4. I didn't have my sound on but I don't see why it would be a trailer for San Andreas Stories, maybe one for just San Andreas.

    SA is already out so it would be pointless to make trailers for it now...IMO.

    Anyway,nice work but you could do much better...like showing the city and then main character etc.

    You could make another model for main character so it could be more authentic...etc.

    But honestly IMO it's pointless to make videos like that overall...