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  1. editing 8/10

    stunts 4/10 - None of the bike or car stunts were truly stunts.What's the point of p2b if you don't land

    something or grind something after it?!Hydra stunts were above average for a first video.

    music 10/10 - I don't like this kind of music but it fit your video good....

  2. DareDevilX.....sooo not original and I hate it. <_<

    But still I kinda like it on some strange way. :rolleyes:

    Anyway here's the story:

    I founded tgtap while I was surfing the net and downloaded stunt video Blood Brothers by ZeroX.

    I instantly decided to make my first video and I obviously needed a good (or bad) nick first.

    First I came up with Chase but it's kinda retarded so I have chosen Devil.

    That sounded kinda plain to me so I added X like ZeroX did.DevilX was born.

    Still I wasn't pleased and I remembered myfavorite comic books character Daredevil and made DDevilX

    which I again renamed to DareDevilX.That's it. :huh:

  3. Imagine niko was ia a dark street with no people and the some thugs showed up, it woud be cool if the AI coud beat you up because one of your enemies wanted to show you a lesson, I think that woud be cool
    I think group fights with A.I. = Good

    But them killing you automatically due to the A.I. and grouping = Bad.

    Needs to depend on many variables.

    Maybe some people does like to be beaten up. ;)

    Either you do have cojones or not. ;)

    Anyway that kind of AI would be good....but meh....