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  1. ATTENTION: We at the BTTF: Liberty City mod are in need of new team members! Although we are making great progress with many of our time travel and coding related features, we are having great difficulty moving forward with modeling our buildings for the town of Hill Valley, etc., and also modeling the entire map itself. So, we're calling out to all experienced building and map modelers and GTA Modders who have several years of experience modeling quality, realistic buildings and/or maps and who have a love for Back to the Future to join the team and help us make something amazing! Our current modeler is quite busy right now, and we feel that asking him to do all of the building/map modeling for the mod is quite a large task, so we would love to have another set of talented hands on the team helping out with this and contributing creatively to get this awesome mod completed! We are also looking for experienced player modelers/texturers to fine tune our pre-existing models. They don't need much more work done on them, but we'd really appreciate any quality tweaking a player modeler/texturer with experience has to offer! If you are interested, just respond to this topic, and if you have a website or an image of some of your work, please share this with us! I hope to hear from you soon. See you in the Future... McFly BTTF:LC Mod
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