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  1. -------------------------------------- Click to watch: -------------------------------------- Hello there, I'm new here and I'd like to start off my posts with my newly released GTA 4 video that I personally thought was good enough to share! I'd love to read your feedback, and I'd also love if you share this video with your friends if you liked it -------------------------------------- Credits: Created by Beat ----------------------- Voice acting: BEAT AS FATHER KILLERSTUNTER AS RUSSIAN ASSASSIN ----------------------- Music: Asperatus by Mark Petrie 10,000 days by Tool Radio Filth by EWORKS Coup de Grace by Hybrid ----------------------- Visible mods by: The Aventador by smokey The BMW by bodyarko iCEnhancer by iCE La Glace (Modified by Beat) ----------------------- Thanks to PtRvY Kacknase Killerstunter pmarci ----------------------- Special thanks to: Rockstar Games GTAStunting.net ----------------------- BEYOND TOMORROW PRODUCTIONS SUNNY PICTURES -----------------------
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