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  1. I'm no computer expert but I would guess that if your PC won't support your video card then you're either going to have to get a different video card that will be supported, modify the whole PC or get a new one.

    Well at the moment I have removed my ATI Card So I'm running on the one built into the motherboard,

    But I was researching about my pc. and I'm not sure if I am right But I think it can only take 256mb grphics card, mine is 512mb. But surely if bought a 256mb card I wouldnt be able to run certain games like GTA4 etc...

    P.S With my default graphics card I cant even run GTA: SA i run the .exe and nothing happens.

    grrr this annyoing

    You can resolve that problem by deleting gta_sa.set in GTA SAN ANDREAS USER FILES witch is in C/my documents i think


  2. Because he was kicked out after beating up his teacher for wearing Balla's colours, although Ryder argues that it was because he was too intelligent.

    (BTW - Kudos, MX_DaNnY. That's probably the best question asked on here in a long time)

    What are Big Smokes last words?

    His last words are "' When i'm gone everybody will remember my name...Big Smoke'"

    Who is LB ?

  3. I think the secret tunnel by Fort Carson is a cave.

    Why Ryder didn't finish High School ? :D :D

    Nope - Wrong Answer :bashhead: . My question is still open:

    What is in the Underground Tunnel by Fort Carson?

    Didn't get your question there,I'm sorry.There is a wanted star in the tunnel :D

    Why Ryder didn't finish High School ?

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