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  1. There's another one - #6 - round the side of the stadium. Can't remember where exactly (forgot to take a pic) but it's tucked away in a corner.
  2. Nicely done m8! That's quick! I've only just started. LoL!
  3. Yup, this is all my own work. Just did a few print-screens to make it easier to follow. I was just wondering how I could get the tracks to work when I remembered that the custom track folder in LCS had the same code as the game save. I hooked the PSP up to check, then just made the new folder and stuck the same tracks in. Worked like a charm! It even has the crackly radio station switching sound when you change tracks using left/right in the game! Sounds sweet. Dunno if anyone else has worked it out, but I haven't found another topic anywhere else about it. The in-game pics came out really well - captured them with my SonyEricsson K800i. Glad to have your thanks m8, and hope it helps a few more people too. I was annoyed when I couldn't use my own songs right away! Cheers.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm new to these forums but I thought I'd let you know that I've found a way to get the Custom Tracks function working in GTA:Vice City Stories. Now, as you might be aware it seems that in VCS you can't automatically play the tracks you had previously used with Liberty City Stories. Well I've found a nice easy way to get around this problem! For this method to work you will require to have LCS and have saved tracks for use in LCS on your PSP. This can be achieved using the Rockstar Custom Tracks v1.0 program from the official site - Official GTA:LCS Website The reason for this is that Rockstar don't seem to have updated the program to include an option to convert Custom Tracks for use in Vice City Stories so far. :'( OK, Let's get started - 1) First, hook up your PSP to your PC. Now navigate to the PSP folder and then to SAVEDATA. 2) Now check your Liberty City Stories game save folder and Custom Tracks folder. Notice that they have part of the same code - ULES00151 - 3) Now check your Vice City Stories folder. Notice that this folder has a different code - ULES00502 - 4) Next, make a new folder and name it ULES00502CUSTOMTRACKS (NOTE - the code numbers shown are for MY system. They are NOT the same for everyone - this is just an example. All you need to do is ensure that the VCS Game Folder code matches the code for the new Custom Tracks folder - *********CUSTOMTRACKS - with the 9 digit ********* as the code for YOUR game save, and make sure you LEAVE OUT the S92F0 part. Simple!) - 5) Now go and either "cut and paste" or "copy and paste" the tracks from the LCS Custom Tracks folder into the new folder for VCS Custom Tracks (I chose to copy - seeing as I've just bought a 4gb Memory Stick and have LOADS of space!! ) - 6) Voila!! Custom Tracks working in VCS. Only thing to note is that when I loaded up the game and set the Custom Tracks on they were switched off again once I went into a vehicle. Don't worry - just get into a vehicle, go to the audio menu and set them to "On" again. After this they stayed on all the time, even when changing vehicles. Hope this helps everyone to get whatever music floats their boat into the game ASAP!
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