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  1. I walked into the wrong classroom today... Everyone looked at me and I smiled for 10 seconds and walked out. #nobigdeal

    1. BlackListedB


      High Fives all around!

  2. Work in 6 hrs.. Great

  3. Well i am taking 8 pills a day :(

  4. FInally finished the POV helmet and doing some test shots later!

  5. 0ver 1,000 views in Live Action Grand Theft Auto video! Thanks to everyone! :) More videos coming soon! http://t.co/N2ewBLTL

  6. Having a test over paintings :o

  7. Nothing like a nice game of Red Crucible 2 :)

  8. Sauriouz


    LOL awesome! I've almost had enough of these Gangnams xD
  9. Sauriouz

    Why GTA V will Fail

    Foosball! Yeah most definitely, Rockstar has made this game and art their genre, pointing fingers at them for "encouraging violent and dangerous acts" is like pointing fingers at professional food chefs for cutting meat using sharp knives. They have to right? it's a tool right? and some idiot out there could say "Hey it's okay to chop animals in half.....alive". we have to face an uncomfortable trend that is appearing (well it always has) that it's people's want to play the game, and to do whatever they have to do to fulfill that desire they have. GTA is an adult game, but just like cigarettes or beer, people will get their hands on it (even more so when it's prohibited), one way or another,I believe.
  10. Just about a month ago, I set out to make GTA video based off and in real life. Basically I always enjoyed playing GTA 3 on PC when you had to type out the cheat code "Bangbangbang" to explode all vehicles around you, and if you did it multiple times the cars would actually fly up really high into the sky. I based this video off of that concept, of course i did add a cellphone to the video so that would reference GTA IV's way to input and activate cheat codes. I hope you guys enjoy this video we did for fun, we want to continue to make videos (especially much better ones) about games in real life. Tell us what you think, what we could've done better, give it a like, or suggestions/ideas for future videos! Thank you! here's the video below: I make videos and am especially in making live action videos of video games and we are a fans of the Grand Theft Auto games and series and we are especially exited of the upcoming GTA 5, we want to make a live action video about it as fans of the game. leave us suggestions about that as well we would love to hear them! thank you guys! -Chema from Sauriouz
  11. In probability and statistics class, one class day? Oh yeah! Then work, and English hw D: