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  1. scrablar95

    Men and Women in GTA IV

    Yeah i can see your point, in a way it does make sense because of comedy effect these characters bring to the game, but would you say the men support the james bond stereotype of men being tough, getting his own way and getting the women he wants?
  2. scrablar95

    Men and Women in GTA IV

    So if i put a statement saying 'Women are represented fairly in the GTA games' would you agree or disagree?
  3. scrablar95

    Men and Women in GTA IV

    Well i've noticed that i GTA IV the only time you play as a female character is online where you can create your character to how you want them, but in other words its like your trying say that females in this game will for ever remain in these games as NPCs and that the same representation we see of them will always be used because its easier. But my question is that if thats the case why do they choose this representation and not a more positive one?
  4. scrablar95

    Men and Women in GTA IV

    I thought ill start up this discussion and get all your views on this topic, so i was just wondering what you all think on the way men and women are represented/shown in GTA IV? (for example, the clothes they wear, are they playable characters, what are there roles in this game? etc) any comment will do