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  1. well Im not sure why the old safe file works then. But 1 thing that might have to do with it, i was at the garage and took an adrenaline pill. then i went into the garage to get a car, but i couldn't. Then I went out of the garage, but the view remained stuck on the garage, wherever I walked. i managed to walk into the garage again and when the adrenaline pill stopped working, i could get into a car, get out and view changed back to the character. it was some bug i guess? everything else seemed to work again, except for unique jumps maybe?
  2. okeee

    girl on advertisement

    aa yes thats her. She looks actually cute here.
  3. okeee

    girl on advertisement

    I was wondering who the girl on the ad is that you see now and then on this forum. Where it says: "find out who is no1". there are 4 girls in christmas suites, who is the most left girl (brown hair)?
  4. I have been flying the dodo for hours. only problem is when you fly above unique jumps: you get stuck. any fix/ mod fix for this?
  5. (win xp) Whenever I drive a car through a unique jump, the view goes slow motion and the game keeps in slow motion view, stuck on the same place. To proceed with the game, I have to restart again. Not sure why, because there used to be no problem with unique jumps. I tried an old save file, and unique jumps worked again? The problem is similar to when you fly the dodo above a unique jump. Has this problem been fixed, or is there any mod? And why do I get the same problem with cars all of a sudden?
  6. I have no idea what that is, but I didn't use any patch except 1.1 patch
  7. disc seems to be fine. But when i turn off music, the disc shouldn't be used any more? But the game is still choppy.
  8. I would like a hotkey for adjusting music volume (when you're in a car). Do I need to configure a file or is there a mod that can do this? If not, could this be made?
  9. win xp AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 1 GB RAM, Geforce 7900gt patch 1.1 installed The game plays very choppy, every 5 seconds, the game seems to be loading for a bit. The videocard should be ok for playing this game. It doesn't matter if the music in cars is turned off, it's the same, when walking only, the game is choppy as well. I play some other games and there is no problem at all. What could be the reason?