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  1. Bay City is a real city in California. Bay City was the setting of Renegade, one badass 90s action series which was filmed in and around San Diego. Great analysis. And these sure are some scary dogs.
  2. Only 25 hours of storyline? So this means if you play one day nonstop, without taking any rest, without sleeping, eating, drinking, shitting, or masturbating. And playing from mission to mission without taking time to explore the game environment and all of the cool side missions and activities. And assuming that the player passes each mission at first try (which is unlikely). I played GTA IV for three months. I sure hope that GTA V will provide months worth of gaming aswell and that the story is even longer than the one of GTA IV. If merely console version looks so goddamn' good, then I can only imagine how astounding PC version will look.
  3. Do the following: - After you have edited the original handling file, save it to another folder on your computer. Let the file name be handling.cfg - Then cut or copy the handling file that you saved into a different folder of your computer and replace this file with the one in the game folder. Note: In the handling file of San Andreas, vehicles have more than one line. For example you can find one line for Banshee in the beginning of the document and there are also few more Banshee lines in the end of the document.
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